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Drying your polish is one of the most important things for protecting a perfect manicure and pedicure .

The Nail Lamp nail dryer has a rounded design. What’s more, it makes it easier to dry toenail polish that may sometimes appear complicated. With its timer function that has different levels, the Nail Lamp automatically triggers the process of drying your nails, whether they are LED or UV gel. All you need to do now is enjoyyourperfectly manicured and pedicured nails.


  • Suitable for LED and UV gels
  • Can be used on hands and feet
  • Timer: 30, 60 or 99 seconds
  • 15 LEDs
  • 24W UV
  • Infrared sensors

IM – Nail Lamp – 2018 (Size: 855.5 KB)

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