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Good Looking hair powder from Lanaform is an astonishing solution for most people with fine or thin patchy hair, whose hair lacks volume, or who are experiencing the early signs of baldness, or an exaggerated parting. This powder helps to hide a multitude of sins.

It’s really easy to apply and only takes a few seconds. Just apply the powder to the areas you want to treat, use the fixing spray, and you’re good to go. Your hair will have more volume, seem thicker and look great.


  • 3 colours: blond, black and grey
  • 1 fixing spray (120 ml) + 1 pot of powder (28g)

Powder composition:

  • Blond: Cotton Yarn, Artificial Fibre, Iron (Iii) Oxide Monohydrate (iron oxides (CI77492)
  • Black: Cotton Yarn, Artificial Fibre, Iron (Iii) Oxide Monohydrate (IRON OXIDES(CI 77492))
  • Grey: Cotton Yarn, Artificial Fibre, Ferrosoferric Oxide (IRON OXIDES(CI 77499))

Spray composition:

  • Alcohol, pvp, aqua


  • Product dimensions: 13,5×5,5×16 cm
  • Waterproof: no
  • Weight: 0,296 kg

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